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The Orchard Prairie School District facility has enjoyed a long life of love and dedication in bringing education, fun, and family together.  It is, unfortunately, beginning to show it's age.  Recently updated state and federal facility regulations, outdated infrastructure, and plain old wear and tear have made it necessary to research and debate the construction of a new school building for the 21st century.

In June 2022, an invitation was extended to the Orchard Prairie Community to join together to form a "Building Improvement Committee".  The mission of the "B.I.C." is to specify the necessary requirements set forth by State and Federal regulations, research additional desired amenities, and develop a conceptual design, budget, and construction timeline.  The results of this committee's work will be presented to district residents as a bond measure during the 2024 General Election.

This website will serve as a public repository of information for all who would like to participate.  Meeting minutes, research documentation, and other pertinent information is to be displayed  A running history of these activities is available through the link below.

Committee Leadership

Our first meeting in June 2022 brought together many members of the community.  Administration, staff, board members, district property owners, parents, and past alumni met to show support and love for their beloved school.  During this meeting, it was determined the committee would need leadership to achieve it's goals.  The attendees nominated and approved the following persons.

Jordan McLean
Committee Chair

Jordan McLean was nominated to be committee chair due to his background in facility refurbishment, construction, and project management.  He has children in the Orchard Prairie School, owns property in district, and looks forward to contributing his talents to the project.

Casey Jordan
Web Coordinator

Casey Jordan was nominated to be a coordinator for the B.I.C. informational website.  Casey and his family live outside of the district and have "choiced" their children into the Orchard Prairie School beginning in 2018.  Casey brings a technical background as a Broadcast Engineer for a local TV/radio group.  It is exciting for him to be involved in imagining a facility for educational future.

Katelyn Schuler

Katelyn Schuler was nominated to be a co-secretary for the B.I.C.  Her children attend Orchard Prairie School and owns property in district.  Katelyn has also served as school counselor during the 2021-2022 school year and going forward. 

Suzanne Savall

Suzanne Savall was nominated to be a co-secretary for the B.I.C.  She has served the Orchard Prairie Community as a former Orchard Prairie Superintendent.  She also brings many years of educational experience through her tenure in the West Valley and East Valley School Districts and will provide valuable input from an administrator's perspective.  Suzanne is a property owner within the district and has enjoyed service to the school for many years.

Get Involved

The Building Improvement Committee is seeking input from any persons in the Orchard Prairie Community wanting to add their ideas and express concerns involving the development and construction plans for a new school building.  All members of the Orchard Prairie Community are welcome to attend B.I.C. meetings.  If you just have questions or comments, click the link below for a comment submission form.

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